Friends of Chase Terrace Park






'Friends of Chase Terrace Park' is a new community group dedicated to the maintenance & improvement of Chase Terrace Park.

The park is a fantastic open space in the heart of our community, but we would love to help make it even better!

Whether that means planting new beds & borders, installing new play & sports equipment or a fitness trail, adding new benches & bins, introducing a wildlife area, water features or a dedicated memorial garden, holding community events, running boot-camp sessions, outdoor aerobics, dog-training or gardening clubs, even building toilets - the possibilities for our park are pretty endless!

It's a big dream, & so the idea behind the 'Friends...' group is to enable people with a passion for the park & community-life in general to come together with the aim of giving Chase Terrace the park it deserves.

Coordinated by St John's Community Church (located next door to the park) but with the whole community of Chase Terrace in mind, we're currently in discussions with Lichfield District Council about the possibility of taking on the long-term lease of the park. Our aim would be to set up a not-for-profit community group ('Friends of Chase Terrace Park') to help oversee the maintenance & improvement of the park.

However, we need your help! Whether you're an individual, family, school, uniformed organisation, community group, church, business or charity, we'd love as many people from our area as possible to volunteer to be in partnership to take this project on. This involvement could be anything from helping with gardening, trees & grounds maintenance, landscaping, grant-finding & fundraising, committee membership, website & publicity, health & safety, design, planning, procurement, events & so on - the list of ways to be involved is huge!

We're at a very early stage, but if any of this sounds up your street, or if you'd just like to be updated with developments, do please 'Like' the 'Friends of Chase Terrace Park' page on Facebook, or message/post ways in which you might like to be involved...

Thanks very much - & let's watch our (green) space to see what happens!