Sunday Stars

'Sunday Stars' is the collective name for our three children's groups which meet on Sunday mornings during our 10am service.

For those ages 0-3, 'Little Stars' is our unsupervised creche room, where parents, carers and their children can play with a range of toys and games.

'Shooting Stars' is the group for children in school years Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & 2 who meet with their leaders in the meeting room for a variety of stories, games, crafts and prayers.

'Super Stars' is the group for those in school years 3-7 who meet with their leaders in the lounge for a mix of games, crafts, chats, activities and prayer. There's usually a decent selection of food on offer as well!

Good to know

Additional info

All of our Sunday Stars groups start the 10am service with the rest of the church in the main worship area, and tend to go out for their own sessions after the opening songs of worship.

The groups are then invited back in towards the end of our morning service, although the whole church comes together to share in Communion during some of our 10am services.

If you're aged between 0-12, we'd love to see you in our 'Sunday Stars'!