Identity Team

The Identity Team are concerned with who we are, as the people of God & members of this local church. They have overall responsibilty for Worship, Prayer, Pastoral Care, & Teaching & Learning.


Main Purpose: To enable people to worship God with all their heart, soul, mind &
strength, & so to live as followers of Jesus.

Main responsibilities:
To oversee & give direction to the worship at the 10.30am Praise service
To support musicians & singers, through regular meetings & individually as required, both practically & spiritually
To oversee support & training for Sound Desk & Projection teams
To explore & develop other expressions of worship (including dance, drama etc)

Matt Sutton
Hayley Tennant
Mark Tennant


Main purpose: We will pray for ourselves & for others, to bring in God’s coming Kingdom

Main responsibilities:
To provide opportunities for the church to pray collectively & to support individuals in their praying
To maintain the church’s Prayer Diary
To oversee the functioning of the Prayer Chain
To co-ordinate the church’s prayer response to specific situations
To support the Intercessory Prayer group & others meeting to pray together
To oversee the provision of a Prayer Ministry team whenever required
To provide for training in prayer, whether public, pastoral or personal

Bill Humphries

Pastoral Care

Main purpose: To help the congregation fulfil their responsibility to love one
another, & to welcome all who God is adding to the church.

Main responsibilities:
Facilitating REAL Groups & supporting their leaders
Offering Bereavement Support & attending In Loving Memory services
Arranging pastoral visiting e.g. those who are ill, Home Communions
Reviewing & updating our Pastoral Care Policy annually or as required (with the Incumbent)

Jane Tennant
Gemma Wallace


Teaching & Learning

Main Purpose: To help people to apply Christian truth & principles to their
own life.

Main responsibilities:
To oversee (with the Ministry of the Word group) the planning & delivery of sermon series
To take responsibility for the Sunday 9am & 6.30pm services & services on Wednesdays (in church & elsewhere), & occasional offices as required
To offer support to other church groups which provide teaching on how to live biblically (eg Community Care, YPC etc)
To oversee the content of First Steps, Marriage Preparation, Alpha etc
To explore different ways of learning/ teaching in the life of the church

Matt Wallace